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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

COIN: 2005 Climate Change Speaker Series
Sally Salem from the Climate Outreach Information Network (COIN) has been in touch to let this site know about her organisation's 2005 Climate Change Speaker Series which will consist of an event a month from May to November.

At the time of writing three major speakers have agreed to speak during the series:

Professor Sir David King:
Sir David King is the former Master of Downing College and Head of the Chemistry Department at the University of Cambridge. Since becoming the Chief Scientific Adviser to the government in 2000 Sir David has become on the leading voices warning of the threats of climate change. The date for this talk is currently being negotiated with Sir David.

Charles Secrett:
Charles Secrett is the former Executive Director of Friends of the Earth and is the director of Active Citizens Transform, a organisation aiming to mobilise people to actively engage in the political process.

Joanna Macey:
Joanna Macey is an acclaimed social change theorist specialising in understanding and overcoming disempowerment in the face of environmental threats. She will speak on the topic "Facing Global Warming + Other Great Adventures” on May 8th.

The speaker series is an ambitious project to bring together some of the most challenging and best informed perspectives on climate change. Oxford is a major centre for climate change work through universities, consultants and non-governmental organisations. COIN intends to structure its events in ways to generate a strong debate.

The Climate Outreach Information Network is a newly formed charitable trust with the objective of providing information on the causes and impacts of climate change and the practical solutions that people can adopt in their own lives. You can find out more about us on their website www.COINet.org.uk.

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